High Performance Thermal Insulation WDS®

WDS® differs from conventional thermal insulation with complete control of heat transfer including solid heat transmission, air molecule motion and infrared transmission,

achieving a better low thermal conductivity than still air.

Demonstrating better thermal insulation performance than other thermal insulation, it contributes to creating of smaller, lighter energy-saving devices.

Heat transition characteristics

  1. 1. Solid heat transition
    WDS® molded fumed silica (5 to 30nm/ball)
    • ・Low inherent thermal conductivity
    • ・Small heat transition pathway due to point contact of granules
  2. 2. Gaseous heat transition
    Air molecule motion restricted by enclosure in 100nm or smaller micro pores
    • ・Molecular impact prevented by heat transition restriction
  3. 3. Infrared radiation
    Restriction of heat transition by infrared through adding infrared absorbent material

Thermal conductivity for WDS® and other kinds of thermal insulation

Thermal conductivity for WDS® and other kinds of thermal insulation

Main characteristics

Cover example
(Stainless Steel cover)

Thermal Conductivity (W/m・K) 200℃ 0.022
400℃ 0.027
600℃ 0.034
800℃ 0.044
Bulk Density (g/cm3) 230±10%
Notes Contact with fluid has a significant negative impact on performance.
Covering it can reduce the impact of fluids.

※Values are for WDS® ULTRA.

Hard panel

Product Name ULTRA HIGH
Chemical Composition (%) SiO2 75-85 60-70
SiC 12-20 -
ZrSiO4 - 25-35
Other 3-10 3-10
Max. working temperature (℃) 950 1050
Insulating resistance (MΩ) >2000
Remarks Supports machining of complex shapes and covering with other materials.
※Consult with us for the shape and covering method.

Flexible panel

Product Name Lambdaflex Super Lambdaflex
Chemical Composition (%) SiO2 40-50 45-55
ZrSiO4 25-35 43-53
Al2O3 20-30 -
Other 3 3
Max. working temperature (℃) 1050 1000
Insulating resistance (MΩ) >2000
Remarks Supports cutting machining and covering with various kinds of materials.
※Consult with us regarding machining, installation and covering methods.

※Each property presented is a representative value, not a guarantee value.
※Some or all of the physical properties are subject to change without notice.

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