Hot plate

The simple structure sandwiches ultra-thin mica heater between metal plates or other materials with good heat conduction on both sides facilitating heater replacement and other maintenance tasks. This enables an extended use life.

Additionally, it can be easily disassembled when disposed of giving it excellent recycling performance.

All used components can be recycled giving this product no environmental impact.
(*Excluding some special specifications)

Basic structure


Ensure plate surface temperature distribution by developing original heater input terminal
The installation method for our original heater input terminal enables free modification of the terminal position. (Registered utility model)
Ultra-thin mica heaters with excellent adhesion to plates and our unique optimal binding conditions enable stringent heat distribution.
Excellent thermal response
Appropriate for power densities up to 6W/cm2 (at 200℃), temperatures can be rapidly reached due to the thinnest elements in hotplates meeting thermal distribution conditions.
Low degassing
Special treatment in the mica heater production process prevents degassing eliminating impact on treated objects during operation.
Supports severe heat distribution conditions
When designing internal heat elements, we perform heat distribution simulations for plate surfaces with changes in hot plate shape, material, thickness and other factors to assure optimum thermal performance.

Heating property

※This indicates the heating characteristics for hot plate surfaces when released to atmosphere.

Thermal life property

※This indicates the service life under used temperature conditions. Please be aware that service life may decrease depending on heater bonding conditions.


  • Semiconductor, LCD manufacturing equipment (coaters, ovens, developers, etc.)
  • Hot presses and various testing devices, etc.

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