Boron carbide (B4C)


  1. ①High strength, high stiffness, light weight
  2. ②Able to be bonded with brazing
  3. ③Near net shape sintering technology


Code BC101
Color black
Bulk Density g/cm3 2.42
Flexural Strength MPa 400
Compressive Strength MPa -
Young's Modulus GPa 385
Poisson's Ratio - 0.17
Hardness GPa 20.4
Fracture Toughness MPa・m1/2 3.1
Electrical Resistivity (RT) Ω・cm >100
Thermal Expansion Coefficient (RT) ×10-6/℃ 2.3
Thermal Conductivity (RT) W/(m・K) 37
Specific Heat (RT) J/(g・K) 0.95
Thermal Shock Resistance ⊿T -

* The data indicated herein is representative values and not guaranteed values.

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