Air stage

With our excellent design, production and evaluation technologies built on our vast manufacturing experience, we achieve high-speed, high-precision positioning with excellent reproducibility.


  • ・Non-contact so wear resistance is extremely low enabling high-speed, high-precision positioning.
  • ・Averaged results prevent impact by guide/table surface and grant high straightness.
  • ・High reproducibility
  • ・The non-contact support give products a long, maintenance-free service life of clean operation without generating dusts.

Example products

NEXCERA® air stages

Reduced thermal drift
Using the ultra-low thermal expansion NEXCERA® materials enables proper operation even under the influence of heat sources such as linear motors and sensors.
Excellent repeated operation precision
The highly precise machining achieves excellent straightness and stable repetition.

  • Yawing (with vacuum type linear)

  • Vacuum preloading type

  • Pitching (with vacuum type linear)
Stage size mm 410×300×158
Control stroke mm 100
Air supply pressure MPa 0.4
Vacuum pressure kPa 65
Operation straightness nm/100mm Yawing 13
Pitching 9
Bearing stiffness N/μm Horizontal direction 350
Vertical direction 200

* The data indicated herein is representative values and not guaranteed values.

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