Krosaki Harima makes possible the creation of valued technology and valued products.
Solving problems faced by our customers by creating revolutionary technology and cutting-edge materials is our passion.
Krosaki Harima has played an important role in supporting the steel industry at the core of the Japanese economy since our foundation in 1919.
In the Ceramics Division we use technology cultivated by Krosaki Harima to continue creating valued technology and valued products for all our customers including fine ceramics such as our zero expansion NEXCERA®, advanced functional thermal insulation WDS®, high performance heaters for semiconductors and liquid crystal applications, our PLATECT® kiln furniture which plays a vital role in electronic component production, as well as bricks and tiles that store heat and contribute aesthetically to living environments.

「Provide No.1 Value to Customers Worldwide」

Fine Ceramics Product Information

List of fine ceramics products

Ceramics with low optical penetration
Low thermal expansion ceramics
Non-oxide engineering ceramics
Oxide engineering ceramics
Machinable ceramics

LovTEC: Low volume-scattering ceramics for optical measurement / inspection applications

Application Products

We can make proposals suited to customer applications. Click here to contact us.

Heater Product Information

List of heater products

  • Mica heater
    Ultra-thin, high W precision

    Used in a wide range of fields as a heat source able to support various heating and drying needs such as liquid crystal, semiconductor, metals and more.

  • Hot plate
    Excellent maintenance characteristics

    Heating hot plates are suitable to many kinds of testing equipment.

  • AlN hot plate
    Can be designed to match your application

    The electrical resistance ratio of the element can be arbitrarily adjusted enabling designs of heater output that match the application whether low or high temperature range is needed.

  • Jacket heater
    Can be designed to match your application

    Used in pipe, valve and filter heating applications. Primary applications are related to semiconductors and liquid crystals but able to support other applications such as analytical devices.

High Performance Thermal Insulation Product Information

List of insulation products

  • High performance thermal insulation WDS®
    Controlling the movement of heat through fixed transfer, air molecule movement and infrared transparency enables achieving low thermal transmission rates without still air.
  • Thermal insulating ring
    Applied ceramic fiber products

    These products were developed as high temperature thermal insulation for semiconductor manufacturing processes such as in diffusion furnace and CVD equipment.

Electronic Component Sintering Setter and Saggar Product Information

Find out more about setters and saggars
for electronic component sintering

    Setters and saggars for electronic component sintering

    PLATECT®setters are primarily used when sintering ceramic electronic components. Manufacture high quality electronic components with all three elements: base material composition, base material shape and coating materials.

  • Thermal spray
    We also perform thermal spraying of customer products on request.

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