Manufacturing Process

  1. Powder Preparation
    The base materials, binders and solvents are mixed and then prepared as well flowing granules with a spray drier.
    pray drier
  2. Molding
    Pressure is applied to combine the prepared granules to the required size and prepare a block with the hardness of chalk.
  3. Green Machining
    Since ceramics are difficult to machine after sintering, green machining is performed before sintering to get the product close to its final shape.
  4. Sintering
    The product is sintered in the correct atmosphere and temperature for the material. After sintering the ceramics, they shrink to about 80% of the size before sintering.
  5. Final machining
    Surface grinders, machining centers and other machine tools are used to machine the product until it meets precision requirements.

    Example machining equipment:

    • Surface grinder
    • Machining center
    • Cylindrical grinder
    • Precision lapping machine
    • Large lapping machine
    Surface grinder
    Machining center
    Large lapping machine
  6. Inspection
    Various inspection devices are used to check if the product meets dimensional and other specifications before shipment.

    Example inspection devices

    • 3D CMM
    • Laser interferometer
    • Ultrasonic test equipment
    • Straightness measurement machine
    Laser interferometer
    Straightness measurement machine
    3D CMM

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