AlN hot plate

Our aluminum nitride hot plate is a heat element that can be printed and sintered in a pattern on sintered ceramics.
The heating pattern material can support a broad range of temperatures.
Power supply terminals and heating patterns have about the same thermal resistance and do not need special measures to protect the terminals.

Basic Structure

Insulation Layer

Layer thickness 10~20μm
Dielectric voltage ≧1000V/25μm
Max. working temperature ~ approx. 450℃

Heating element

Printed layer thickness 10~20μm
Volume resistivity value 35~475μΩcm
Max. working temperature ~ approx. 600℃


Material AlN (Aluminum Nitride)
Thermal conductivity 170W/m・K (RT) ~
Thermal expansion coefficient 4.5×10-6/℃
Maximum manufactuable size φ450mm


Energy saving
Heating element electric resistance can be adjusted arbitrarily enabling design of heater output to match the application for low temperature to high temperature.
Consistent thermal distribution
Ceramic material characteristics and wide range temperature applicability.
Design supporting your needs
Proposals for appropriate design specifications matching customer requirements are possible
Supports a broad range of elements
Maximum use temperature is 450℃. Please contact us to investigate higher temperature levels.

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