Probe card micro hole machining product

Left: Macerite HSP, Right: Macerite PN

These machinable ceramics for micro hole machining, our Macerite series is machined using a custom ultra-hard drill with highly precise hole diameter and hole positioning. This material supports the latest in micro-technology in important components for semiconductor/liquid crystal production equipment and inspection equipment.

Major applications

  • Probe card insulation components,
  • Wafer inspection equipment components,
  • FPC inspection equipment components,
  • FPD inspection equipment components, etc.

Supported materials

  • Macerite HSP,
  • Macerite PN

Micro hole machining (standard)

Hole diameter 50μm dia.
Hole diameter tolerance ±5μm
Hole position tolerance ±5μm

Macerite PN micro hole machining
Hole diameter: 50μm dia. Hole pitch: 80μm

Material characteristics

Name Macerite HSP Macerite PN
Composition Fluorphlogopite Boron nitride+α
Color ivory grey
Bulk Density g/cm3 2.67 3.1
Water Adsorption Ratio % 0 0
Flexural Strength MPa 160 290
Young's Modulus GPa 65 120
Hardness GPa 2.2 1.7
Electrical Resistivity Ω・cm [RT] > 1015 > 1014
Dielectric Constant (1MHz) 6.5 7
Dielectric Strength kV/mm 10 > 10
Thermal Expansion Coefficient X10-6/℃ (RT-200℃) 9.8 4.2
Thermal Shock Resistance ⊿T (℃) 175 650

* The data indicated herein is representative values and not guaranteed values.

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