Low volume-scattering ceramics for optical measurement / inspection applications

Low Volume-scattering Technical Ceramics



  • ・Low volume scattering inside the ceramics resulting in low optical penetration
  • ・Most incoming light is reflected diffusely, even as a mirror there is low regular reflection
  • ・High total reflectivity: Pure white, 90% or more of visible spectrum
  • ・Low thermal expansion: 0.6 x 10-6/K at room temperature (super invar alloy equivalent)
  • ・Supports ultra-precise machining (sub-micron order flatness/sphericity)
  • ・No rust
  • ・Light weight (Bulk density 3.0 g/cm3)

  • Light total reflectivity (integral reflectance)
  • 1mm plate light transmittance

LovTEC Characteristics

Code L121
Color White
Bulk Density g/cm3 3.0
Young's Modulus GPa 160
Poisson's Ratio 0.31
3pt Bending Strength MPa 230
Hardness HV GPa 8.9
Thermal Expansion Coefficient ×10-6 K (23˚C) 0.6
Feature Low volume scattering

* The values are measured results, not guaranteed values.

Example Products

Calibration standard for Non-contact measurement device
Standard sphere / Flat Reference Plane / Standard Scale

  • φ25 Standard Sphere (Matte)
    φ25 Standard Sphere (Matte)
  • φ25 Standard Sphere (Glossy)
    φ25 Standard Sphere (Glossy)
Item Matte Glossy
Color White White
Diameter (mm) φ25+/-0.2 φ25+/-0.2
Roundness (μm) < 1 < 0.5
Surface roughness Ra 0.4~0.6 Ra 0.1~0.2
Installation Hole machining, Screw busing contact enabled
  • ※Comes in standard 25mm diameter spheres. Other sphere shapes are available.
  • ※Please consult with us about flat reference planes and standard scale shapes.

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